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Get a free week pass to upgrade your home office

Entertain Your Clients: An extra large, private office with essential amenities like multiple outlets and light. This space can be configured in a variety of ways to meet your needs.

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Extra Large Private Office

Space to Think Big: A large, private office with essential amenities like multiple outlets and light. Ideal for accommodating 1-2 people. Perfect for small teams or a spacious individual setup.

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Large Private Office

Your Personal Oasis: A compact, private office tailored for focused, individual work. Enjoy the essentials of a modern workspace with access to multiple outlets and the security of a lockable door.

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Medium Private Office

Find Your Zen: Our Micro Offices are perfect for a solo entrepreneur who needs their own space. Your office comes with power, light and a lockable glass door. 

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Micro Private Office

Claim Your Space: A reserved desk to call your own in a shared environment. Each desk comes with the comfort and convenience of an adjustable standing desk and an under-desk lockable storage cabinet for your workstation.

Dedicated Desk

Community and Flexibility: A communal workspace that adapts to your daily needs. Find your ideal work spot with open seating options in our shared area, outfitted with plentiful outlets and secluded spots for private calls or focused work.

View in 360.

Coworking Space

Be Heard: A soundproof room optimized for crisp, clear podcast recordings. Equipped with a professional-grade microphone and audio mixing equipment, this space provides you with all the tools you need for high-quality sound production.

Podcast Studio

Make it Memorable: A versatile event space designed to host gatherings that inspire. Choose from multiple rooms of varying sizes to suit your event's needs, or rent out the entire facility for an exclusive, large-scale occasion.

View our event space in 360.

View our kitchren and rentable space in 360.

Event Space

Make a Great Impression: Whether you're hosting a client presentation, team meeting, or other important gathering, our spaces provide the perfect venue.

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Additional Spaces

Our Workspaces

Rooms + memberships can be booked at the bottom of this page. All memberships are month-to-month and include 24x7 access to all our amenities.

Day Passes, Memberships and Add Ons

Unlock a day of productivity with our Day Pass, granting you access to communal workspaces and facility amenities for a full day.


Day Pass

Elevate your business presence with a professional mailing address and secure mail handling services.


Monthly Mailbox
Services Plan

Join our community of innovators with a Monthly Coworking Membership, offering you 24/7 access to shared workspaces, meeting rooms, and networking events.


Monthly Coworking Membership

Experience the best of both worlds—privacy and community—with our Monthly Private Office Space, featuring a fully furnished office and access to all coworking amenities.

Monthly Private Office Space

Host your next event in style with our versatile Private Event Space, perfect for workshops, seminars, or social gatherings.

Private Event Space Rental

Capture your voice in a professional setting with our Podcast Room Reservation, equipped with state-of-the-art audio equipment and soundproofing. (Included at no charge for members)

Podcast Room Reservations

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